Let your child's imagination
and creativity run away
with the circus..

Engage, Inspire, Ignite!


Empowering Youth to connect with their own bodies, and each other, through circus..

Fostering a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where children have the opportunity to gain skills and experience in performing arts while building resilience and self confidence.



A play based workshop style of learning where children can explore a wide variety of circus equipment and learn new skills.


Students can explore all of the various apparatus before honing in on a few select skills to put together a school performance piece.


Circus playshops specifically tailored for children with disabilities and learning difficulties to help them increase their capacities.


Fire, LED and roving shows feature the collaboration of costuming, music and dance inspired by the magic and majesty of fire.

Why should my child try Circus?

Circus based activities promote and facilitate positive outcomes on a child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and mental health, and is especially beneficial for children with disabilities and learning difficulties. Children have the chance to experience and express themselves creatively through learning play based skills, while participating in a fun and social activity that requires individual effort as well as teamwork.

Benefits of Participating in Circus Arts


Adaptable to individual fitness levels and physical limitations. Gently promotes flexibility, strength and tone, circulation, spatial awareness and improves motor skills. Individual and team contributions in a non-competitive environment.


Proven to provide positive distraction or respite from stress and instabilities experienced in school or family life. Improved communication skills, leadership, creative expression, resilience, trust, empathy, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Supports left brain/right brain integration and increases visual perceptual abilities, reaction times, rhythm, concentration, memory recall, coordination, fine/gross motor skills and use of both left and right hands.  Circus is a juicy brain exercise for young and old.


Increases the ability to cope and grow through daily life challenges and issues such as impulse control, frustration, underdeveloped motor skills, physical disabilities, low sense of resilience, inability to focus and hyperactivity.

Upcoming Events & Projects

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Upcoming Events

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