Let your child's imagination
and creativity run away
with the circus..

Engage, Inspire, Ignite!

What should I bring to a circus playshop?

Circus with Purpose works to SunSmart guidelines so a hat and sunscreen are a must if we are working outdoors.  Please also bring along a water bottle and a healthy snack (just in case!).

Do you need experience to participate in a Playshop?

No experience is necessary and anybody can participate in Circus.  Playshops are taught to a basic/intermediate level and include a combination of games and skills.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, stretchy clothes (tights covered with a t-shirt are great!) with hair tied back and no jewellery.  Circus is very active and sometimes we go upside-down and every other which way!

Do you offer more advanced or private classes?

Of course! Please contact Rosie to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer multi-child family discounts for after school classes?

Absolutely!  Circus with Purpose understands current economic restraints on larger families and offers discounts to encourage greater participation.

Do you offer classes for kids with disabilities?

Circus with Purpose welcomes the opportunity to work with special needs individuals and groups with disabilities, and offers private individual or group classes. Unfortunately in some instances, for safety reasons, we are not equipped to handle kids with some disabilities in a class setting. Please contact Rosie to discuss your individual needs.